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Cava Signals

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After years of trading the markets, we were able to combine our favorite indicators/tools into one complex indicator to provide the ultimate automated strategy.
The Cava-Signals indicator provides signals for:
* Buy ( open long/short )
* DCA buy
* Negative
* Positive ( add to position while in profit to take advantage of the up-trend)
* Take Profit

We currently cover LONG and SHORT positions for the majority of the top100 and some of the lower cap coins on USDT market as well as BTC and ETH Inverse Perp USD on Bybit.

The signals have been tested on Binance Spot and Futures, ByBit Futures and Inverse Perp, FTX, but it should work on any exchange supporting USDT pairs. Check our discord for more information.

Pairs will be added/removed according to their overall performance, as we constantly look for the best performing assets to trade. All our members will be notified of any changes to the signal via our discord channel:

We provide full ProfitTrailer config to our premium members; available via discord channel. However, we recommend you studying the configs and change it for your own trading style and risk management.

We will not be liable, whether by contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, for any damages, expense or other loss you may suffer as a result of our
information. Our content is for informational purposes only. Our signals are not meant to be professional investment advice and are to be used at your own risk.
The signals should be used in combination with your own risk strategies and decisions.

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