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Awesome Signals

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Awesome Signals is a proprietary trading technology stack that analyses hundreds of different TA strategies per coin and sends BUY signals when an opportunity is met. This includes automatically reacting to market conditions and dynamically adjusting settings according to our current success ratio.

Our signals strategy has been written for a quick turnaround time of trades and are monitored daily and the control panel tweaked to send optimal signals as often as possible. The nature of markets does mean that there will be times when more signals are sent than others.

For full information and to join in discussion join our discord which can be found at

Supported Exchanges

– Binance (frequent signals)
– Binance US (fewer signals)
– Binance Futures (fewer signals)

Supported Markets
– BTC (Binance only)
– USDT (Binance and Binance Futures only)
– ETH (Binance only and fewer signals)
– BNB (Binance only and fewer signals)
– USD (Binance US only)

Health Warning
Buy signals are only one part of your strategy. You will still need to write your own PT config with your sell strategy and any trading security settings you need based on your own personal risk appetite.

Our signals are not meant to be professional investment advice and are to be used at your own risk. Cryptocurrency investment is high market risk. Awesome Signals is not responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential losses as a result of the use of our trading signals. The signals should be used in combination with your own risk strategies and decisions.

Subscriptions Plans

1 Month Subscription, 12 Months Subscription