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ProfitTrailer API Key Slots

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Buy extra API Key Slots for your ProfitTrailer Bot so you can trade on more markets and save more configs.

You want to add extra coin markets to your bot? Buy our Extra API Key Slots.
ProfitTrailer today provide you with the possibility to use 2 API Key Slots so you can trade on 2 coin markets at the same time, example you can trade on both BTC and ETH coin markets.

Maybe you want to add USDT or some other coin market so you can maximize your profits.

Each license can have in total 10 API Key Slots. (You can only buy 8 API Key Slots per License)
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Want more Config Slots?

1 keys = 3 save slots
2 keys = 5 save slots
3 keys = 7 save slots
4 keys = 9 save slots

1 keys = 5 save slots
2 keys = 7 save slots
3 keys = 10 save slots
4 keys = 13 save slots
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Subscriptions Plans

终身许可证, 1 月订阅, 3 订阅月份, 6 订阅月份, 12 订阅月份