Home - Roadmap
  • 2.2.0 – 17.01.2019 Release

    Signals API
    Save all data in DB instead of JSON file
    News feed in the GUI
    Trailing stoploss
    Make all DCA properties be level specific
    Allow paper traders to send notifications
    Improve memory and CPU
    Implement take_profit_safety
    Implement DEMA,PDHIGH and HMA
    Implement cancel_pending_order_trigger
    New Exchange

  • 2.3.0 – 2019 Release

    Merge tracker into PT
    FIXEDPRICE strategy
    Combine Strategies with OR conditions

  • 2.4.0 – 2019 Release

    Encrypt API key + Secret fully in the GUI
    Poloniex use websockets for chartdata
    Allow shorting on exchanges that support it
    FIXEDPRICE strategy
    Sync configs
    Total market cap as an indication to buy / not buy
    Improve caching
    Merge 3rd Party Tools with PT
    New Exchange
    3x Enhancement Games – Github features

The following information is being shared in order to outline some of our current product plans, but like everything else in life, even the best laid plans get put to rest.