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PT Feeder


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The complete automated solution for changing your ProfitTrailer settings on the fly.
If the markets change, and you’re not by a computer to edit your settings, let PT Feeder change them for you based on the conditions you have setup.

Features and Benefits:

PT Feeder allows dymamic changing of your ProfitTrailer settings on the fly, based on conditions you set. This can be things like:

– Changing the buy strategies
– Changing the sellstrategies
– Changing your DCA strategies

The possibilities are endless. Below a set of example triggers you can use to change your settings on.

– Market indicators, for example RSI on BTC or BTC dominance
– Pair indicators
– Your ProfitTrailer exposure
– Volatility indicators

For more information, see the PT Feeder wiki

Note that this is an advanced tool which requires time and effort in setting up, but can supercharge your automated trading experience.