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Trade on Multiple Exchanges with 1 license – Now you can use ProfitTrailer on all exchanges with the same license.
Trading on multiple exchanges has never been easier. ProfitTrailer supports the following cryptocurrency Exchanges – Binance, Bitmex, Bittrex, Huobi, Poloniex, and KuCoin.
Do you want to trade XRP/BTC? VET/ETH? or ADA/USDT? As long as the exchange supports it, so do we. Trade Bitcoin and Hundreds of Altcoins.

Intuitive GUI
No more messing with the code. Using ProfitTrailer is a breeze with our new GUI.
Do you want to reconfigure your buy settings? Check.
Save or switch your active configuration? Check.
Change your indicators? Check.
Not sure what a particular setting does? Tool tips help you learn more about it.
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Numerous Buy and Sell Strategies
ProfitTrailer supports 20+ different buy/sell strategies. Just starting out? You can start trading with our basic settings such as LOSS and GAIN.
Are you an expert? You can combine up to 5 buy/sell strategies such as LOWBB, RSI, BBWIDTH, MACD, EMAGAIN and so on.
Don’t know what strategy to use? Try one of our 10 pre-defined strategies based on your risk appetite.
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A support team that lives and breathes ProfitTrailer
Real Experts. Real Help. We have a global support team that works around the clock to make sure every issue is resolved.
An active community of tens of thousands makes sure you do not feel left out.
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Extensive Wiki and hours of Video Guides 
New to cryptocurrency trading and want to learn everything you can to become an expert? Head over to our wiki or watch more
than 50 video tutorials that explain everything from the basics of cryptocurrency trading to advanced buy and sell strategies.
Click here to read more | Video Tutorials

PT Notifications [2]  – Instant trade notifications on your Discord and Telegram
You know how Social Media Notifications Triggers a Dopamine High? Wait till your try PT Notifications.
PT Notifications bot notifies you of all your automated buys and sells.
Set it up once and stay up-to-date with what’s happening with your ProfitTrailer bot.
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ProfitTrailer VPS [5]– Powerful, Personal VPS (Virtual Private Server) designed exclusively for you
Our VPS comes pre-installed with an Operating System, Java, PM2, Node.js, ProfitTrailer, PT Tracker, PT Notifications and everything else in between.
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1. For all our monthly subscriptions, support expires along with your subscription. For lifetime subscriptions, we provide support for a period of 12 months.

2. A ProfitTrailer Pro license is needed for PT Notifications and PT Tracker add-ons.

3. Each ProfitTrailer license has 2/3 (Basic/Pro) API slots. We no longer limit you to one exchange. You can still run a BTC (1 API Slot) and ETH (1 API Slot) Bot on one exchange if you wish but now you could run a BTC Bot on Binance (1 API Slot) and Bittrex (1 API Slot) on one license. For PT Basic subscription you get 2 API slots and can save 5 settings configurations and for PT Pro subscription you get 3 API slots and can save 7 settings configurations. You can always buy extra API slots with your PT API Key Package.

4. All subscriptions renew automatically, you need to contact us to cancel your subscription.

5. Basic VPS give you VPS services for 24 months.

6. A License is limited to a particular version. If you bought a lifetime license for version 2, you will have to upgrade to get access to version 3.

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