ProfitTrailer Hetzner VPS

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ProfitTrailer Hetzner VPS

From: 13.00 / month

Our prices are the same as the provider.
We only round up and add €5 management fees.


Note: You need a ProfitTrailer license to use this product.

ProfitTrailer Hetzner VPS

This is a cloud server running on Hetzner.
The more RAM is the more bots you can run on the machine.
It takes 1-2 GB of RAM to run 1 bot. Depending on your setup

The server comes pre-installed with PTManager which makes it easy to install and delete bots.

SHARED:  Can handle low to medium CPU Usage
DEDICATED: can handle sustained high CPU Usage

Why is the DEDICATED VPS same price as the SHARED?
The Shared VPS have more VCPU because they are shared than the Dedicated VPS.
Shared VPS CPU
4GB -> 3 vCPU
8GB -> 4 vCPU
16GB -> 8 vCPU

Dedicated VPS CPU
8GB -> 2 vCPU
16GB -> 4 vCPU

Note: We do not control how many bots you install on your machine. So beware that if you overextend the machine it may crash.

Hetzner VPS Plans

4GB Shared VPS, 8GB Shared VPS, 16GB Shared VPS, 4GB Dedicated VPS, 8GB Dedicated VPS, 16GB Dedicated VPS

Subscriptions Plans

1 Month Subscription, 12 Months Subscription