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Crypto-set Signals offers 2 types of signals. Knife Catcher and Technical Analysis

Knife Catcher
 signals are based on the most important indicators influencing price movements.

  • Changes in volume relative to previous time
  • Price changes

If our internal algorithm detects an opportunity to buy, the signal is automatically added. The algorithm is very advanced and improved for a long time. The number of signals is from 2-7 a day. These are short term signals with a very high probability of growth in the near future.

Technical Analysis
 are signals added manually based on technical analysis of selected cryptocurrencies and upcoming economic events.

We focus on the quality of signals and not on their quantity. We have hundreds of satisfied customers from around the world.

We recommend using Take Profit in the 1-1.5% and DCA limits after about a 6% drop. Regarding configuration details, we invite customers to our Discord channel with an additional ProfitTrailer section

By purchasing signals you also get access to the closed Premium part of our Discord channel. To receive access to the Discord channel, please send us confirmation of the subscription to the email address with the nickname Discord or send it to @Piter on the Discord channel


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