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Collective Signals are back tested on a daily basis. Being a moderator for the biggest automated trading community you can expect constant adjustments for your crypto investing success! As a full time trader I personally use the same signals for success. The signals you will receive are looking for oversold conditions with volume indicators and trend based indicators to safely enter a trade whether its on leveraged exchanges or altcoin exchanges we work everywhere PT works! Collective Signals can be used on any of the ProfitTrailer supported exchanges.

Collective Signals will focus on stable coins or USD. We have decided to stay away from the coins that end up being possibly delisted or almost zero volume to keep keep good risk management. Risk management is the most important factor in any market.


Come join the discord anytime and talk about trading strategies and risk management. You can expect daily dedication to assist you with your success as an automated bot trader. You will also have access to a daily live updated blacklist that you can swap in and out. You will also be provided a ProfitTrailer Pairs/DCA/Indicator settings so you can immediately run your bot utilizing signals. It is highly recommended to edit your settings based on your own risk tolerance and balance.


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