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What is a crypto trading bot?

crypto trading bot is a software program which automatically trades on exchanges.  No more manual trading on an exchange because ProfitTrailer places the buy and sell orders for you.

There are many automated trading bots on the market.
ProfitTrailer remains the most advanced crypto trading software.

Use a crypto trading bot instead of manual trading.

Humans get carried away by emotions, but trading bots do not.
They are entirely dependent on the data and perform trades seamlessly and without emotions.

Other benefits of trading robots

With an automated trading bot, you can be able to go on about with your day knowing that all your trading is being carried out by your software. 

  • Bots don’t sleep so trade Trade 24/7
  • Trading robots act fast on buy or sell opportunities. Never miss a out again.
  • Monitor multiple currency pairs at the same time.